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Music publishing involves the process of promoting, licensing, and distributing musical compositions. At its core, it serves as a bridge between composers and the wider audience, facilitating the dissemination of their works across various platforms and media. Music publishers play a crucial role in protecting the rights of composers, ensuring that they receive proper compensation for the use of their music. Our music publishing services at I Brass Music encompass a comprehensive approach to showcasing and monetizing musical creations. We work closely with composers to represent their interests, handling tasks such as copyright registration, licensing agreements, and royalty collection. Additionally, we leverage our industry connections and marketing expertise to promote compositions to performers, recording artists, and media outlets, maximizing exposure and revenue potential. Whether you're an aspiring composer seeking professional representation or an established artist looking to expand your reach, our dedicated team is committed to providing personalized and effective music publishing solutions. With a focus on integrity, transparency, and innovation, we strive to empower composers to thrive in the dynamic landscape of the music industry. Partner with us at I Brass Music to unlock the full potential of your musical creations and reach audiences around the world.

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Our music engraving services at I Brass Music offer professional precision and expertise in transforming musical compositions into beautifully formatted scores. Our team of skilled engravers meticulously translates musical notation into clear, legible, and polished sheet music, ensuring accuracy and clarity for performers and conductors alike. Whether you're a composer seeking a polished presentation for your work or an individual looking to have your handwritten sheet music professionally transcribed, we provide tailored solutions to meet your needs. With a commitment to excellence and attention to detail, our music engraving services elevate the presentation of your musical creations to the highest standard.

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Crafting exceptional music arrangements demands a profound understanding of musical theory, instrumentation, and style. At I Brass Music, we shape each piece with unparalleled care and precision, ensuring performances that captivate audiences. Proficient in brass instruments, our arrangements showcase the unique timbres and capabilities of brass ensembles. Whether it's a sophisticated jazz rendition or a majestic brass fanfare, our services promise to bring your musical vision to life with unmatched artistry and expertise.

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István Baráth

it all started here

My journey into music editing started in the ’90s when my father introduced me to Atari and Commodore computers, where I began using early music editing programs. These experiences sparked my curiosity and led me to continue editing music for various ensembles throughout my career as a professional trumpet player.

During my trumpet studies, I quickly recognized the importance of creating clear and understandable sheet music. In fact, I focused my final essay on the topic of articulation.

Now, my goal is to assist brass players and ensembles by arranging songs, refining poorly written sheet music through engraving, and helping composers and ensembles publish their works.

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