MACK – Embouchure Trainer for HORN

  • MACK – Embouchure Trainer for Horn is a further development of the BERP.
  • With the “MACK” the original distance between the mouthpiece and the instrument is maintained and will not be extended as with the BERP.
  • Made in Germany


Professor Wolfgang Guggenberger about Mack:


“Playing with the mouthpiece alone is an essential form of practice for better control of intonation, sound quality, confidence, and ease. It trains musical imagination and helps in gaining new experiences related to body awareness and listening habits. The use of the “MACK” not only provides the advantage of a relaxed posture during “mouthpiece buzzing” but also supports the psychological effect, making it easier to transfer the experiences to the trumpet. The straightforward handling and unaltered resistance while playing on the mouthpiece distinguish the “MACK” from conventional systems. I use it daily, both in teaching my students and in my own practice sessions. The results are consistently astonishing!”


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